The mission of Northwest Children’s Outreach is to partner with Care Providers to provide basic resources to children in need through the efforts of the local community. Resources like clothing, toys, books, diapers, and formula are given free of charge to children facing incredible hardships. Through the responsiveness of many communities, NCO is meeting a huge need in the Northwest, reaching over 35,000 disadvantaged children every year, and the need continues to rise.

Keeping our doors open is our highest priority and requires ongoing fundraising efforts. Being selected as a Simple and Just recipient organization is both a thrill and an incredible honor! We’re amazed and humbled that Simple and Just was formed for the sole purpose of creating a stream of sustainable funding for non-profits like ours! Your support is such an encouragement and allows us to direct our limited resources to be more fully utilized fulfilling our mission to these much deserving vulnerable children. From the care providers, our volunteers and all the children that NCO serves, thank you and blessings, Simple and Just!!