Working together for good Lead Team


Carolyn Quatier

Carolyn Quatier, a non profit life-er, is a passionate supporter of women and children with need of care. She is a former high school teacher, and a mom of four. In addition, she and her husband Dan, own a company called Interior Technology, with offices in Portland and Seattle. She leads with vision and creativity to bring pathways of support to those in need. Ask Carolyn about Stella, “The Queen Ween” and her love of dogs. Maybe you’ll see Stella in the shop!

Nicole Bailey

Nicole brings us our professionalism. She has invested 20 years at Nordstrom and is a successful Real Estate specialist in Seattle, Washington. She is a mom of two, and a dedicated yoga enthusiast. She has volunteered faithfully for years, and provides us with an insiders view of the volunteer experience. Her talents in merchandizing will be noticeable at the shop! Her new hobby and passion are working on their fabulous mid-century home.

Our Shopkeepers,

Jory Giesa, Seattle

You may be familiar with our current shopkeeper Jory since she started out as one of our part-time employees! Jory took over the shopkeeper position in June 2019 after graduating from SPU. Jory is a Washington native and grew up just a few miles east in the town of Sammamish. She is motivated by the circular fashion movement – a call to giving clothes a second chance in hopes to slow down the harm the fashion industry is doing to our environment. Stop in and ask her about ways your wardrobe can aid in this movement as well!

Katie Bronk, Portland

Katie is a California native who moved to Oregon to attend University of Portland in 2014. Over the past few years, since educating herself on the damage that the fast fashion industry causes around the world, she’s been advocating for sustainable fashion. If you’re ever in Portland, be sure to stop in and say hello. While working, she loves meeting every dog that comes into the shop, and won’t let them leave without getting a treat!


We couldn’t do this work without YOU. We have volunteer opportunities to help us sort, steam, and tag as well as working in the front area of our shop. Check us out for 2 and 4 hour shifts, sign up on line, and help us make our little shop a dynamic and hospitable spot in Queen Anne.
Working together for GOOD.