I am shades of blue like the ocean and a wide sky, like blueberries in sunshine.

I was born on a sewing machine, made with thick stitches, rivets and a zipper.

I have five pockets, two smile, two sing and one is a small secret. My pockets have held the stuff of everyday life, a cell phone, hands to warm, assorted trinkets and loose change.

I have dreams to hold more, much more.

Once I had an original tag and a first friend. I was well-loved and loved well. I have sat at desks, warmed the swings at the park and stools at the corner coffeeshop. I have cozied up at home with my first friend listening to music and reading books.

I am worn, but I only get softer with wear and care. Even if I fray, I have life left in my threads. I have story to give. My first friend made sure of it.

Now I am waiting for my next friend. Is that you? Are we a fit?

My denim hope is we can make a the world a softer place for a child.  For all of us.

I am ready for new adventures and pockets full of change.

What will we do together? Make new friends, walk the dog in your neighborhood or travel the skies?

Whatever it is, we can do it with heart. Just by taking me home with you, we can do good.

We can be simple & just.

Let’s put change in your pockets.