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You might notice when you walk in to Simple & Just some special items for sale branded “Athena.” These handmade pieces are created through a partnership with Youthcare, which allows young at risk artisans to learn valuable job skills and discover strengths and talents within themselves. 100% of the profits from the sale of these particular artistic expressions go directly to the youth who created the item you purchase. Once again, your purchases have power to change lives here at Simple & Just. We thank you for your generous support of these young entrepreneurs.

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Your choosing to purchase Simple & Just brand products has the power to make a difference too. Each time a Simple & Just brand product is bought, your money continues to contribute towards helping sexually exploited survivors in the Pacific Northwest. From soft tees, to cozy sweatshirts, mugs and recyclable tote bags, we offer a variety of branded items that are the perfect conversation starters to spread the awareness and support our mission in helping survivors.

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