A wonderful couple came into our shop today. They were from Portland, OR. The husband mentioned to us that he works as a volunteer with a non-profit there: Bikes for Humanity. They refurbish bikes and their mission is that everyone who wants a bike can have one. I love that. I can picture children getting bikes whose families may not be able to afford a new one. The love I felt as he talked about the work, looking at his hands, made me feel so inspired. Maybe he often has traces of grease on his hands. What a perfect picture of caring. His sacrifice of time and I am sure talent, allows more people to enjoy the feeling of the wind on your face, as you careen down a hill loving your bike. His greasy hands are a symbol of the care he feels for the ones he serves. Beautiful hands. He inspired me. I wonder what are symbols are at Simple & Just. I have ink on my hands today from stamping ampersands on tags. Somehow after meeting this couple I see my ink stained hands as beautiful. What do you see on your hands that represents love?