Working together for good Celebrate

Each month we will have time to celebrate! We will celebrate people who are dedicating their lives to providing individualized care for survivors of exploitation and layers of trauma. They are behind the scenes, doing amazing faithful work, and we want to thank them. Stay tuned for our stage two remodel and our beautiful event space. We will also use our space for nurturing our creative selves. Local artists will provide classes to learn special skills like modern calligraphy, floral work, and always, creative repurposing and recycling items that you will LOVE. A portion of these classes will also be donated to Simple & Just.

Remodeling Dreams

We are in the dreaming stages of our stage two remodel in the shop. Envision with us a beautiful space to hold regular celebratory events to honor those who are on the front line caring for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation. These heroes need a party every once and awhile, as we all do, and have a chance to hear about how appreciated they are. Caseloads are heavy, which can cause heavy hearts. Let us know if you would like to be on the Celebrate team to provide beautiful yummy dinners at the shop for these incredible people. Email